I'm Diana, a graphic designer with digital and print design experience spanning over the course of several years. I have a clean and colorful style and strive to make bold, impactful and memorable statements with my designs.

I've worked both as a freelancer and in-house designer together with account managers and marketers. Notable projects including packaging/merchandising, e-commerce design and design/retouching for the beauty and fashion industry. Other fields of expertise include marketing design, branding for small businesses, as well as creating presentations and pitch decks.

My passion for design began almost 20 years ago, with software like Corel Draw, Photoshop and Illustrator during high school. In 2010, I received a scholarship from the Korean Government to attend college in South Korea, where I studied Visual Information Design for 4 years as an undergraduate. Upon returning to my home country, Romania, I took up design professionally and continued to expand my portfolio of works since. In line with my global background, I am open to international collaboration, having worked with various clients throughout Europe and the United States.

I am the recipient of two art & design awards: 1st Prize in the International Infomatrix Competition (Computer Art Category) and winner of The International Creative Quarterly Competition (Illustration Professional Category).
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